The Society was founded in 1927 as the Radcliffe Congregational Players and since then its members have been involved in over 240 productions. The first performance was by the ‘Dramatic’ section , shortly followed by the first musical Floradora by the ‘Operatic’ section in early 1927.

The ‘Junior’ section was introduced in 1932 to perform pantomimes. With a gap for the war years, the Operatic presented 64 full scale musicals until 1998 when the costs involved became too high. The other sections are still thriving. Performances were originally on the large stage in the old Church Hall which also had good backstage facilities. Unfortunately dry rot set in (not in the performances!) and the hall had to be demolished.

Musicals and pantomimes were performed for several years at the New Jerusalem Church on Stand lane, until a move to Radcliffe Civic Hall (now Suite) in 1987. The Dramatic productions have continued in the new URC Church Hall where the space can be used for variable staging “end on” or in the round. In recent years the society has supported members in putting on original musicals; including ‘Mister God, This is Anna’, ‘ Holy Fire’, ‘Voice in the Darkness’ and others. The society has also encouraged Radcliffe Churches Together to put on productions of Hopes and Dreams and Godspell, providing the shows with directors and many of the cast. The Players are always happy to welcome new members to join in the fun and friendship gained from being involved in any production.